The Closer
Maker’s Mark bourbon, St. Germain, Aperol, lime juice, Cock & Bull ginger beer   10

Grandstand Old Fashioned
Jim Beam Black bourbon, sugar cube, orange & Angostura bitters, lemon peel   15

Sucker Punch
Old Crow whiskey, lime juice, Angostura bitters, sugar, Widmer Hefeweizen   7.5

Civic Sazerac
Knob Creek rye, Peychaud’s bitters, sugar cube, Lucid absinthe   12

The Rogue Toddy
Rogue Distillery hazelnut rum, lemon juice, honey simple syrup, cardamom bitters, hot water   9

Effen Drop
Effen Black Cherry vodka, lemon juice, sugar, black walnut bitters   9

Infield Act
gin, rhubarb bitters, honey, lemon juice, bubbles   10

ginger purée, lime, sugar, soda   9.5
Moscow – vodka
Kentucky – bourbon

Uppercut Margarita
habañero infused Reposado, sweet hibiscus, lime, sugar   10

Bloody Royal
housemade spicy bloody mary mix, pickled house vegetables, bacon   10.5
Maria – habañero infused tequila
Mary – horseradish infused vodka
Fairy – Lucid absinthe

shot of Jim Beam Rye whiskey + icy cold Rainier   8

Draft Beer

Ask about our 11 other local rotating beers & ciders!

Bridgeport Rotating Tap (Austria)

10 Barrel Pub Beer (Portland, OR)

Widmer Rotating Tap (Portland, OR)

Deschutes Rotating Tap (Bend, OR)

Hopworks Rotating Tap (Portland, OR)

Elysian Rotating Tap (Seattle, WA)

Ninkasi Rotating Tap (Eugene, OR)

Worthy Rotating Tap (Bend, OR)

Guinness Stout (Ireland)


Bud Light  4.5

Budweiser  4.5

Corona  4.5

Blue Moon Belgian White Ale  5

Stone Delicious IPA (Gluten Reduced) 5.5


PBR  3.5

Montucky Cold Snack  3.5

Rekordelig Cider  5.5

Miller Lite  4

Stiegl Radler  6.25

Rainier  3.5

Rolling Rock  3


Acrobat Pinot Gris (OR)  8/30

Guenoc Chardonnay (CA)  8/30

Acrobat Pinot Noir (OR)  12/46

14 Hands Cabernet (WA)  9/34


Iced Tea & Soda  3

Virgin Mule  5.5

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water  4.5

Bedford’s Ginger Beer  4

N/A Clausthaler  4

Caffe Umbria Coffee  3

Hot Tea – Earl Grey, Lemon-Ginger, Green  3