First Round Picks

Appetizers & Shareables

Home Plate Nachos
tortilla chips, black beans, cheddar, jack, queso fresco, green onion, jalapeños, avocado, Rae’s salsa, sour cream  9
add chicken 4, add pulled pork 5, add steak* 7

double-sized home plate nachos with pepper jack cheese sauce, chicken, pulled pork & steak  27

Screwball Pretzels v
two Bavarian pretzels, Monterey jack cheese sauce & pilsner mustard  8

The Change Up v
edamame hummus, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, pickled veggies, Kalamata olives & pita bread  10

Street Corn Nachos
tortilla chips, shredded chicken, fire-roasted corn, Monterey jack cheese sauce, queso fresco, cilantro, house hot sauce, fresh lime  12

Steak Bites*
marinated flat iron steak, mushrooms, shallots, red wine reduction, horseradish cream, crostini  11

Hail Rosemary Garlic Fries v
crisp fries, fresh garlic, rosemary, parmesan, malt vinegar  6

Rally Rings v
crispy beer-battered onion rings & buttermilk ranch  7.5

Fried Chicken Tenders
choose original, buffalo or BBQ, served with buttermilk ranch  9

Hot Wings
choose buffalo or BBQ sauce, served with blue cheese sauce  11.5

Arugula Artichoke Dip v
arugula, artichokes, jalapenos, garlic, cream cheese, parmesan, pita chips  9.5

Soup & Perfect Greens

Housemade Soup & Salads

Today’s Soup
Chef Rae’s daily line up served with garlic bread
cup 4.5, bowl 6.5

House Salad v
mixed greens, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, croutons, balsamic vinaigrette  7
add chicken 4, add steak*  7

Fastball Wedge
iceberg, honey cured bacon, chopped egg, tomatoes, green onions, blue cheese dressing  10.5
add chicken 4, add steak*  7

Jimmy the Greek Grilled Chicken Salad
grilled chicken, romaine, marinated feta, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini, creamy Mediterranean dressing 13
make it steak* 4

Steak Caesar Salad*
sliced flat iron, romaine, parmesan, croutons, creamy Caesar dressing
substitute chicken upon request  15.5


Signature Hot Dogs & a Brat
Hill Meat Company (Pendleton, OR) 100% beef dogs and Cascade Farms pork brats are served with fries.
Make it a vegan dog, gluten-free bun or beer brat for 1.00.

The Chicago Dog
white onion, tomatoes, sport peppers, Vienna neon green relish, yellow mustard, dill spear, celery salt on a poppy seed bun  9.5

The Coney Dog
Coney Island chili, shredded cheddar, white onion on a pretzel roll  10.5

Milwaukee Beer Brat
swiss, sauerkraut, caramelized onion, pilsner mustard on a pretzel roll  12


Burgers & Sandwiches
Handhelds include your choice of fries, salad or today’s soup.
Make it a gluten-free bun for 1.00.

The Independent Burger*
1/2 lb. all-natural beef, honey cured bacon, Tillamook cheddar, lettuce, red onion, house bread & butter pickles,
garlic aïoli on a pub bun  13.5

Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich
grilled chicken breast, feta, balsamic marinated tomatoes, mixed greens, garlic aïoli on a hoagie  12.5

French Dip
slow-roasted beef, swiss, grilled onion, horseradish cream, au jus on a hoagie  14

The Berkeley Burger v
housemade veggie patty (garbanzos, quinoa, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, shallots, hazelnuts), pickled veggies, balsamic mixed greens, ketchup, pilsner mustard on a pub bun  11.5

The BBQ Sandwich
choose BBQ pulled pork or shredded chicken, coleslaw, crispy onion ring on a pub bun  11

Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich
iceberg, tomato, blue cheese sauce on a pub bun  12.5

Northwest Burger*
½ lb all-natural beef, mushrooms, feta, hazelnuts, chimichurri aïoli, arugula tossed in lemon thyme vinaigrette on a pub bun 14

Whiskey Onion Tango Burger*
½ lb all-natural beef, whisky & honey glazed onions, bacon, pepper jack cheese, pilsner honey mustard slaw, roasted peppers, garlic aïoli on pub bun  14.5

The Indy Grinder
salami, pepperoni, ham, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pepperoncini, garlic aïoli, Italian vinaigrette on a hoagie roll  13.5

Main Events

Entrées & Plates

The Mariner’s Plate
beer-battered Alaskan cod, fries, coleslaw, pepperoncini tartar sauce  13.5

Smoked Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese v
cavatappi pasta, beer cheese sauce, breadcrumbs, green onions and garlic bread  11.5
add shredded pork or chicken 5      add steak* 7
add bacon 2.5      add chili 2.5
add caramelized onion 1.5

Steak Frites*
flat iron steak, fries, chimichuri sauce, & a side salad  17.5


Desserts & Floats

Rootbeer Float v
Barq’s rootbeer, Tillamook vanilla ice cream  3.5

The Independent Sundae v
warm chocolate brownie, Tillamook vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, candied nuts, whipped cream  6.5

Fresh Berry Shortcake v
housemade biscuits, fresh berries, whipped cream  7.5

Little Leaguers

For our friends 10 and under.
Choose shoestring fries or veggie sticks

Chicken Strips   6

Cheeseburger   6

Hot Dog   6

Buttered Noodles   4

Quesadilla   4

Mac & Cheese   4